WooHoo Babies!!!!

This weekend has been an amazingly productive time.  We have been working diligently on household projects and catching up on projects that had been lost in the fray.

We purchased a load of flat rock yesterday that we will be using to create a fire ring and pathways to our backdoor.  I am hoping to intermingle the pathway with Spanish moss or perhaps creeping flox, haven’t quite decided just yet.  The children were great helps today as we had to go and load the rock we purchased, bring it home and unload it again.  They were great assistants and really worked hard.

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend, was seeing my babies!!  Last weekend I planted my starter seeds.  This weekend I already have seedlings.  I was so very excited to see all my tomatoes, leeks, onions popping up looking for more sunshine.  Next should be the peppers and celery.  Can’t wait to see them.  Baby plants are awesome! I am truly looking forward to seeing the thought of making a garden, growing it and watching it flourish come to fruition.

Simple things are usually the best and being able to start my own plants from seed is a wonderful feeling!!!!


Good Friends and Great Times

Good friends and great times, how that phrase has changed over the years!

When I was younger, late teens early adult hood, good friends and great times meant parties, booze, loud music, very strange philosophical conversations and passing out on a friends floor, but always make sure your not the first!

As I have grown older, had children, matured, learned what life was really about that phrase still holds true, but the meaning behind it has changed.

Good friends have become just that.  Now in my mid 30’s I have some of the most amazing friends in the world.  They are true friends not fly by night friends who are only there as long as you have something to offer them, but honest to goodness see you through the thick and thin friends.  They are here to give me the shirt off their back if I need it, to wipe the blood from my face after the toughest fight in my life.  To be a shoulder to cry on when I think I just cannot take anymore and to help pick me up when I no longer can.  The great thing is, I am here to do the same for them!  

Great times has evolved in its own right as well. Years ago it meant being insane and doing some rather stupid things.  With age I have realized that is not what I was really looking for, mostly I just wanted acceptance.  I have come to realize acceptance is not about trying to push my way into peoples lives by being something I am not, but being accepted by those who truly care for me and like me just the way I am.  Today great times can mean anything from a movie night with the family or sitting around the campfire enjoying each others company.  

Great times are just that, GREAT!!!  It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing as long as we are with those who care about us.  Those dyed in the wool, honest to goodness people who will be with you through thick and thin.  Great times are always there to be found and good friends are always ready to share it with you!



Unexpected Guests and Campfires


This week has been busy as most weeks are.  However, sometimes its nice to sit back relax and enjoy the life that has been given to me.  I had the opportunity to do just that this week and am incredibly grateful.

While going crazy at my new job and trying to stay on top of all the tasks that have been given me, I get an unexpected phone call from my husbands’ grandparents.  They said, hey were are in your area be there in a couple of hours.

Now you have to understand I am at my new job, attempting to keep up and making sure things get done.  Now I have this major distraction to my afternoon and am finding it hard to concentrate.  To be honest my first thought was “Oh Crap” the house looks like straight line winds have laid waste to my living room, I haven’t done laundry and with as great as housekeepers my children are, I seem to remember seeing a trail of laundry leading out of the bathroom down the hall and around the corner this morning (which I am sure must have been the cats fault).

So while pondering all the grievous errors my housekeeping skills will be displaying this evening I remember that my husband was working that evening, so I called him and said I know its short notice but can you find someone who can take your place.  Luckily he has some awesome people he works with and someone came up to bat for him.

After work upon my arrival lo and behold they are already here.  At this point I am hoping against hope they have overlooked all the horrendous things (you never know which closet has the monsters in it and lets not even discuss the cat) in my home and the utter chaos that everything seems to be in.  THEN IT HITS ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS!!!  We haven’t had the opportunity to see his Grandparents in over 2 years!!!

Well thank you and hello guilt trip.  What was I thinking, Holy Cow, here I am worrying over my laundry when I should be enjoying their company and relishing this drop in visit as we live in Kentucky and his grandparents live in Wisconsin…….2 years!!!  Ok..ok so now I am feeling foolish, and am really trying to just enjoy the conversation and company that we have.  We decided to go out for dinner at one of our local eateries of which they treated us to dinner.  What an amazing time we had!  Really honestly had a great conversation and a really good time.  While their stay was short only about 3 hours or so, I enjoyed every minute!

After dinner they had to get back on the road as they were on their way home from a Florida visit.  We were sad to see them go, but grateful they gave us the opportunity to visit.

Just when I thought the evening was already going amazing…..the sunset was breathtaking.  It was beautiful weather, just cool enough to wear a sweatshirt.  This spring evening made me take a step back and really look at what is important in my life.

My husband and I decided building a campfire was an excellent idea.  For the next two hours we sat outside on our porch swing, warming by the fire, enjoying the great outdoors, listening to all of the frogs (a favorite creature of mine) croak in the pond behind our house, enjoying the simpler things in life.

It is the simpler things in life that truly make it worth living.  When it is all said and done it matters not how much you have, what your home looked like……but the impact you made on others lives.

So the next time I get an unexpected phone call saying we are dropping in, I am not going to care what my house looks like, but am going to enjoy the time given to me to enjoy the company of others and all the amazing things in my life.  Laundry be damned!