WooHoo Babies!!!!

This weekend has been an amazingly productive time.  We have been working diligently on household projects and catching up on projects that had been lost in the fray.

We purchased a load of flat rock yesterday that we will be using to create a fire ring and pathways to our backdoor.  I am hoping to intermingle the pathway with Spanish moss or perhaps creeping flox, haven’t quite decided just yet.  The children were great helps today as we had to go and load the rock we purchased, bring it home and unload it again.  They were great assistants and really worked hard.

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend, was seeing my babies!!  Last weekend I planted my starter seeds.  This weekend I already have seedlings.  I was so very excited to see all my tomatoes, leeks, onions popping up looking for more sunshine.  Next should be the peppers and celery.  Can’t wait to see them.  Baby plants are awesome! I am truly looking forward to seeing the thought of making a garden, growing it and watching it flourish come to fruition.

Simple things are usually the best and being able to start my own plants from seed is a wonderful feeling!!!!


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