Simply Celebrate

I was listening to a program earlier today that discussed celebrations in life.  How we go through this long exhaustive journey working diligently to get to our goal.  Once it is reached we jump for joy, but only momentarily.  The excitement of the reached goal dwindles and then we are on to the next goal, emphatically trudging through the muck and the mire, again for a moment of joy before beginning again.  It seems an endless miserable cycle that we put ourselves through.  Work, work, work, joy, work, work, work, joy.

I don’t think that is what we are meant for, to live a miserable existence for a few fleeting moments of joy.  I believe we are meant to enjoy our lives here on this beautiful planet.  Once my journey is over I believe I will go to a much more glorious place than here, but right now I should be loving my life.

This does not mean I believe in some sort of “Pollyanna” type existence where all is love and peace and there are kittens and rainbows and unicorns all the time.  I realize there are difficulties and hardships.  We lose our loved ones to illness and accidents.  We have disagreements with our spouses and children.  We say things we regret.  We have financial hardships, lost jobs and overdue bills.  But that doesn’t mean we should walk around being depressed all the time, singing our “woe is me” tune.  I think it quite the opposite.

Celebrate the victories no matter how small.  Whether or not you were offered the job during your recent job interview, celebrate the fact that you were called for an interview, there were probably 100 people who weren’t.  If you have been behind on your bills because of a financial difficulty be excited when you get one caught up instead of dwelling on how many more you have to go.  Did you open your eyes today and take a breath of air?  Great!  Be excited that you are still here, you have another day of opportunities for joy to come your way.

How can I say this?  Because I have lived it and continue to do so.  I used to live in my pit of misery.  Feeling sorry for myself because of the hardships and misfortune I had.  I am not saying that I never find myself there anymore, because I do.  But I no longer live there.

I simply celebrate the small victories in my life.  The smile of my husband’s face after he has worked diligently to cook another excellent meal (he is definitely the chef of the family) and everyone exclaims how good it was.  Bonding with my daughter over silly photos we are taking together.  Excited that my son stopped by for an unexpected visit.  These joys no matter how small are what I celebrate.

I have a dear friend who’s motto is “Choose Joy.”  And I leave you with that in mind today, choose joy and simply celebrate.  Many blessings!

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Choose to be You

Who are we really?  I mean when we get past all the nitty gritty of life, the trappings and the facades, who are we?

I am in the midst of a transition.  A transition that I knew wouldn’t be easy.  One in which I would be opposed by friends, family those who “know” me.  I have not yet completely transitioned, that will come when the time is right.  Currently I am working on changing my thoughts, my attitude my whole view point of the world really.  What I am most surprised with is not the opposition I have felt from those closest to me (actually most all of them have been extremely supportive) it is the attitude I have found within my self!

This glut of self-doubt, frustration and annoyance.  I find myself having panic attacks over nothing and anger towards situations and circumstances beyond my control.  The CD (I was going to say LP but decided only half of you would understand…LOL) of self talk is stuck on repeat with a track entitled “Who do you think you are?”  The lyrics discuss nothing but my failings in life and how dare I  think I could crawl out beyond them.    Anyone else ever have that song play on repeat?

The negativity blasting from within can be quite overwhelming.  I do know how to push all the buttons that are raw, sore and will hit me the hardest.  The enemy is overjoyed at my personal efficiency with which to inflict pain and doubt.  That is the issue right there, I am exactly where he wants me.  What is that quote….”I am my own worst enemy.”

Actually the entire quote by Henry Miller says this; “Like every man I am my own worst enemy, but unlike most men I know too that I am my own saviour.”

Beautiful!  Not that I think by any means that I am my own savior, there is only one of those, however I, with help from the savior, possess the ability to dislodge myself from my current pattern of thinking and can then get off this south bound train.  Instead of being stuck on the tracks of negativity, I can CHOOSE to get off that train and hop on one heading north.  It is time to smash that CD and put on something with a little more pep in its step.

I don’t think for a moment I am alone on this ride.  We all get caught up in the bad circumstances and situations of life.  We hear the voice inside our heads remind us day and night of our fears and failings.  STOP IT! Choose right now, today, not tomorrow or when you get your life right.  Choose now to smash that song playing in your head.  It’s time for some new music.

I choose to be me, the me who God created me to be.  I choose joy and love and peace.  I choose to finish the transformation that I am going through.  I realize there are going to be growing pains, that some days will be better than others.  I know I will make mistakes.  But I am no longer listening to the enemy inside of my head.  The song title may have remained the same, but now the lyrics have changed.  I no longer will listen to my failings and fears.  Instead it sings of my future accomplishments, the great changes and how awesome life is and is going to be.  “Who do you think you are?”…. I am the exact me that was created to be.  Many blessings!

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It’s Okay

If you have had the opportunity to read last weeks post you will understand when I say, that I am currently taking some time to work in my own garden this week.  When I began the journey of blogging this year, I decided that I wanted to write at least one blog a week.  I felt that it would be challenging because it was a commitment, but not oppressive and demanding.


It’s okay…that I don’t have anything profound and revelational to share this week.

It’s okay…that my post is much shorter than normal.

It’s okay!

This idea is what I want to share with you all.  It’s okay.  It’s okay to not know.  It’s okay to take time to work in your own garden.  So while I have no insight in which to share with you this week, it is because I am taking some time to understand some issues in my own life.

Rest assured as soon as I understand what it is I am working on I will share.  But until then know this.  You are okay just the way you are.  Beautiful, amazing, brilliant and loved.  No matter where you are today and in what situation you may find yourself…you are okay.  Many blessings!

*Special note* the picture this week of a butterfly has special meaning to me.  When I am in positions of poor attitude or confusion as to my next steps on this planet, God has an amazing way of showing me butterfly’s and birds as a special message and reminder that He is still watching and knows my every need.


Garden of Life

I love to garden!  Though if you stopped by my house you would probably never know that.  I love to play in the dirt looking for earth worms.  I love the smell of fresh turned earth; that musty woodsy smell.  I love the smell of a fresh spring day with the dew gently covering everything, it just smells clean. I love watching the seeds I sowed into the earth, slowly sprout.  Those tiny green leaves reaching for the sky, arching itself as if to touch the clouds.  You can almost hear this small little voice squeaking and straining as it tries to reach ever higher.

I have not had the opportunity to raise my own garden in several years.  I do however have friends who let me play in theirs on occasion.  So why am I going on about gardening?  What is gardening?  Gardening is planting (could be flowers, vegetables, herbs) and care taking of the plants so that they reach maturity and and then can be harvested.  If you “can” like I do, then that bounty can be saved through the winter months and used in delicious dishes all year long.

To begin a garden (traditionally) you would loosen up an area of soil, turning over the sod and breaking it up.  Removing weeds and grasses that you do not want to grow in that area.  Some people break rows and leave the sod around, others utilize raised bed gardens.  Each garden is unique.

It occurred to me in my pondering that our lives are just like a garden.  Some of us take care of our garden, weeding and removing the thorns of life, fertilizing the soil.  Refusing to allow hate and evil to take root. Some people are overwhelmed and don’t know how to manage it, they need help.  Some people choose to grow gardens filled with weeds and thorns.

Managing a garden or our lives as in this case takes time, this is the key.  I often feel like I am so caught up in so many directions, that I forget its OKAY to stop and take some time to manage and take care of my own garden.  Sometimes I need to do some weeding, watering and nurturing of my own soul or soil.  Taking care of my own garden in turns allows me the ability to help others work in their gardens.  I want to repeat this important point.  It is OKAY to stop and take care of our own gardens!!!

The awesome thing about gardens is that….each one is completely different.  Different climates, different plants, different soil types!  It so exciting!

I encourage you to take some time this week to do a little weeding. Remove a couple thorns.  Refresh yourself.  Many blessings in your gardening!