Change is the Only Constant

This morning I have a thought I would like to share with you….I like almost all the people I know struggle with change in my life.    I have often caught myself saying I like change and yet when it comes I can be combative and drag my heels as it arrives.

Each one of us grows older and each day we live brings new experiences, mental and attitude changes, small lines in our faces, and the changing color of our hair.  If you are like me, I started graying at the age of 16 and now at, ahem, pushing 40 I am very salt and pepper.

I have been married for 19 1/2 years, we married at 19 & 20. My 18 year old son graduated high school last night and will be walking down yet another aisle in about a month. He and his fiancee’ are expecting their first child in late October which will make me a grandmother. My daughter who is 16 will soon be a junior.  And as I drink my coffee this morning while reading my devotional I am wondering just where all the time has gone…..

I know most all the parents of graduate students wonder the same thing.  We all post on social media exclaiming how it seems only yesterday we were watching them take their first steps and here we are watching them walk out of our doors ready to start their own independent lives.

Change is the only constant in our lives.  Yet as creatures of comfort, whether we say we enjoy change or not, we struggle with the new beginnings each day brings.  We like things to remain the same, normal, expected and when someone or something rocks the boat we hold on for dear life.

We question the waves, what will it bring? Will it be the end of the storm or will we drown beneath the wave?  This fear of the unknown the hidden sea beyond the horizon is what we are truly scared of.  Yet it is our timeless companion, sure to meet us each morning and follow us through our days.  Change, constant and consistent, never leaving us behind.



My Belief

Not All Fertilizer Is Created Equal

God has been teaching me some great tools as of late.  I cannot say  that they are without a certain amount of being uncomfortable, however, they are much needed.

Not all fertilizer is created equal.

I work for an organization that conducts soil samples of fields, gardens, yards etc.  When the recommendations come back each is completely unique.  It depends upon the ph level of your soil, how much potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and what it is you are going to plant in that location.

If you were going to fertilize let’s say your garden it would be unwise to apply a 10-10-10 fertilizer every year without having your soil tested.  What if you needed a 15-10-10 or a 15-10-5 ratio instead? Each location is unique to its needs.  The same can be said about the people around us.

What God has been teaching me lately is that each person I come into contact with has their own soil, each unique to what their fertilizing needs are.  As a mother of two teenagers I had to handle each child differently based upon what they needed at that time.  One child I stood on the edge of the nest, ruffled their feathers, encouraged them to take flight and they did while the other required a drop kick off the edge.

As a woman of faith, I have realized that my approach to handling not only my children but the people around me on a day to day basis must also be unique.  I cannot have the same interaction with each person in my life and be successful.  Just like a garden, each individual is unique to the type of fertilizer they need.

Some are strong in their faith, and need just a dusting to keep them going.  Some have been growing weeds and are in a serious need of a clean up not just fertilizer.  Some have long been a dry dessert and need water more than anything.

To meet these needs of the correct ratio of fertilizer with each person, my “soil test” is prayer and listening.  If you truly LISTEN not just hear and pray for the right words, attitude and fertilizer, God will give you the correct ratio to put on.

Enjoy your week, month, life. I pray that if you are reading this that God gives you whatever fertilizer it is you need at the moment.  Many blessings!