Change is the Only Constant

This morning I have a thought I would like to share with you….I like almost all the people I know struggle with change in my life.    I have often caught myself saying I like change and yet when it comes I can be combative and drag my heels as it arrives.

Each one of us grows older and each day we live brings new experiences, mental and attitude changes, small lines in our faces, and the changing color of our hair.  If you are like me, I started graying at the age of 16 and now at, ahem, pushing 40 I am very salt and pepper.

I have been married for 19 1/2 years, we married at 19 & 20. My 18 year old son graduated high school last night and will be walking down yet another aisle in about a month. He and his fiancee’ are expecting their first child in late October which will make me a grandmother. My daughter who is 16 will soon be a junior.  And as I drink my coffee this morning while reading my devotional I am wondering just where all the time has gone…..

I know most all the parents of graduate students wonder the same thing.  We all post on social media exclaiming how it seems only yesterday we were watching them take their first steps and here we are watching them walk out of our doors ready to start their own independent lives.

Change is the only constant in our lives.  Yet as creatures of comfort, whether we say we enjoy change or not, we struggle with the new beginnings each day brings.  We like things to remain the same, normal, expected and when someone or something rocks the boat we hold on for dear life.

We question the waves, what will it bring? Will it be the end of the storm or will we drown beneath the wave?  This fear of the unknown the hidden sea beyond the horizon is what we are truly scared of.  Yet it is our timeless companion, sure to meet us each morning and follow us through our days.  Change, constant and consistent, never leaving us behind.




2 thoughts on “Change is the Only Constant”

  1. Sadly, the greatest impetus for true and sustainable change is tragic in nature. The situation(s) has become so bad, for so long, that people finally realize the pain of change has to be better than the pain of not changing.

    This piece really resonated with me. Have a beautiful day.

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