Life Flows On

Well we have been in our new home for a little over a month now and I want to share with you something I have learned.

Our new home has a finished basement with a bedroom in it, being that we didn’t need the bedroom our family decided to make that the “media” room.  So the 60″ flat screen that was once the focal point in our living room, has its own space down the stairs.  What I have learned is that I don’t miss it!  Not even a little!

Before when the television was so prevalent in our living space I often found myself glued to the screen, captivated by the ever changing pixels dancing across the screen.  If I was home alone for supper, I would foolishly think to myself, I will just catch a quick show while I eat and then go about my business after the show….2 hours later….and somehow I am now watching cat video’s on YouTube trying to piece together how I managed to jump down this rabbit hole.  For me the TV was a distraction.  Instead of finishing a project or taking 30 minutes to go for a walk, I would catch a quick show on YouTube.

Now with the TV in a location that I have to make the MINDFUL decision to watch it, it has not been on one time since we moved.  NOT ONE TIME.

So what have I done with all my extra time?  Well, I have found myself writing more, reading more and enjoying my family more.  Miraculously the time that I never had before to exercise, and take care of myself is slowly appearing in my daily routine.  The one thing in my life I found most distracting to my productivity has been removed.  The TV was mine, but what is yours?  Distractions can be anything like TV, Movies, Facebook, News Channels…what keeps you from being better to yourself and your community?

The moral of my story is that Life Flows On, we have a choice to clog our river with logs and brush piles of distractions……or……we can clean up our river and enjoy the scenery.  Your choice.  Many blessings!


The Fork In The Road

I am sure we have all heard recited at some point in our life the famous poem by Robert Frost;

….Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by,…

I am inclined to tell you that my life has taken an interesting path as of late.  A path I never intended, nor expected.  From my last entry (if you have been there) you will know that I am currently involved in becoming a minister.  What is new are all the changes that have taken place in the last few months.

I knew being called to minister a church was in the works, a part of the plan.  What I didn’t know was how quickly or much faith that step was going to take.  I am always and will be continually amazed at how God has things planned.

The Fork in the Road appeared….I was walking along in my normal day when it first came into view.  At first I was excited when I saw it, I saw the possibility of change and a new path, new scenery.  But as I slowly walked closer to where a decision was going to have to be made I became nervous.  Excited still, but now the unsure thoughts of this decision were coming to my mind.

I wanted this path, I longed for it, prayed for it but now….this meant something so completely different than what I knew from before.  No longer would I have to work a rigid schedule.  I could work early or late, whatever fit into my schedule.  However, these new and exciting changes meant something else too.  It meant daily change, the possibility of working Holidays and definitely weekends.  No more would my office just close its doors and no one could contact me until the next business day.  It meant 24/7 preparedness, hospital visits, counseling sessions, time management skills, self-motivation and leadership in new and unexpected ways.  Could I handle this?  Could I manage?

Then in a moment I blinked and there it was….I was standing right before the fork in the road.  Two paths diverging in the woods.  Would I stay on the path I knew, the path I was comfortable with or would I take the one less traveled by?

I took a deep breath and a huge step of faith and I chose the path less traveled.  With my heart in my throat and prayers being sent out without ceasing, I made the decision.  My family and I moved to a new town with new people.  New adventures to be had and a whole lot of new scenery.

Often God leads us down path’s we are not necessarily comfortable with.  It is new, new information.  They can be challenging, but growth almost always is.  I encourage you, if you are standing at your own fork in the road, pray and seek guidance first and foremost, and if you feel led take the path less traveled and open up your world to a great and glorious adventure.

Many Blessings!