Today was a good day.  Though a little chilly the sun was warm and kept me moving while outdoors.  We worked very hard outside today and I feel like we accomplished much.  My son and his friend helped me move some rail road ties over to where we are building the compost pile.  They were valiant gentlemen and worked very hard to get the ties moved.

My daughter helped for a short time with the ties, but spent a great deal of it, digging out the clothesline pole.  The home we just bought last fall has this great clotheslines poles, unfortunately they are like 50 feet apart.  Even with all my laundry I wouldn’t use all that space.  So we are going to move one a bit closer and make it more reasonable for the clothesline,  I can’t wait, I love the smell of my clothes hanging up outside.

We ended up with the edging of the compost bin put in place, a large hole in the backyard (be careful when walking through) and I did get all of my starter seeds planted.  Super excited can’t wait for the little guys to sprout up!


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