Simpler Times = Hard Work


Today it hit me!  Spring is on its way, and I am totally unprepared for what lies ahead.

We decided to do a completely organic garden this year.  I am super excited and looking forward to the bountiful harvest.  Hopefully we will have one.  I have not grown a garden in many years myself, and nothing as large as what we are planning for this year.  There are 3 families going in together to grow this amazing thing.  The men have been working hard to finish fixing the deer fence and getting it electrified to keep out all of the lovely creatures that would eat our food.  The garden shed is shaping up nicely, as well as the chicken coop.

My husband thinks I am crazy to want to have chickens, but for some reason I feel drawn to them.  I like the idea of being self sufficient and not having to rely on other people to feed my family.  I am loving the idea too that we are making it somewhat like a community garden, where we are all going to share in the labor, a labor of love.

Ever since I was a little girl, I admired those who could take care of themselves. Those pioneering families who literally took the road less traveled and set off to worlds unknown looking for something better, somewhere where they could live in peace.  This is just a romanticized version of what they had to deal with, this I understand.  It was and is hard work, toiling day in and day out, depending on no one but yourselves.  I think though they must have had felt some sort of great satisfaction.  A satisfaction in knowing even against the odds they could do it.  Even facing all of the dangers they must have faced, head on into the wind, they somehow survived, somehow made it through to do it again.  What an amazing feeling this must have been.

I feel our society suffers greatly with the plague of ease.  Our children today have no work ethics, they have no understanding of what it means to put in effort and reap the rewards of their own blood, sweat and tears.  Our society has become complacent and they hold too, to the feeling of entitlement.   Where did our society go wrong to think that things should just be given to them, that they didn’t have to put in their time and effort to reap the rewards.  What happened to that satisfactory feeling of knowing that “I made that” the accomplishment?

While I realize that I am still very young and have a great deal to learn, I feel like I have learned so much already and wish to share that knowledge with my children.  I have been called a mean mom for not giving my kids everything they want, and for denying them candy bars at the check out line when they acted up in the store.  How dare I punish my children by withholding that very thing they want most!!  Lord have mercy I am getting up on my soap box!

The children have been fairly warned that gardening this year will be a part of their chores.  My husband and I feel that if they are going to eat the food they should partake in raising it.  Is this mean?  I don’t think so.  This year is going to be a learning experience.  It will be a way of working together as family and as friends.  Learning how to deal with each others differences, of enjoying the fruits of our labors, of creating something great from something very small.  I look forward to this growing season, both literally and spiritually.


Hello world!

Well hello everyone!  This is my very first blog.  It feels much like a public diary and perhaps that is what it is meant to be.  I am hoping to enjoy this writing experience.  I find that I can express myself much easier in words than I can in speaking one on one.

Let me tell you a little about myself and we will go from there.

My name is Rebecca.  I was born and raised in Midwest Wisconsin.  I am the oldest of four siblings.  I have been married for fourteen years and am the mother of two children.  We currently (and hopefully forever) live in Western Kentucky.  It is a strange and interesting story how we came to this location, but I will save that for a future post.

My husband and I actually met in high school and dated for a very short time.  It was actually after school that we got back together again.  I am ever so thankful that he came into my life.  I do not know what I would do without him, he keeps me going, and always on my toes.  Though we are completely different, we work well together and make a great team, that is what has kept us going this long.

Over the years I have become very strong in my faith, though I did leave my beliefs for a few years and had become increasingly hostile towards my beliefs.  The Lord works in mysterious ways and found a way for me to come back around and move in the right direction.

I hope to share with all of you some insight I have learned along the way, great locations that I have visited and just to express myself.  Hopefully I will also be able to do the same and learn from some of you.  I am hoping that this blog is going to be a thought provoking sharing adventure and wish that any of you who so choose to take part. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions, I look forward to our future discussions.